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Gold Membership

What's Included In A Gold Membership?

EVERYTHING! This level is the ONLY membership that gets you access to everything I have to offer!! Now, with this level, you get access to all of my brand new HD 4K Studio-made movies, All of my amateur style, home-made movies, All of my past Premium Snapchat shows that have been saved and uploaded, AND access to my Snapchat to watch all of my live, nightly shows!!



How To Become A Gold Member

 Just sign up below! After you purchase your Gold Membership, you will receive a confirmation email with my Snapchat username and instructions on how to access my movies. Yup! It's that simple!

How To Cancel Your Membership 

To cancel your subscription and be removed, Just send me an email at letting me know you'd like to cancel your membership, include your Snapchat username, and you will be removed the same day you request to cancel!

Payment Options

I accept all card types for online payment through my website;

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Online Check.

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Don't Want To Pay Monthly?

Get Permanent Lifetime Access 

This offer is for my most devoted fans! This is a great option for fans that plan on having access for more than a few months, instead of paying monthly and over paying for access, you can pay a one time fee and never have to pay for access again!! This level gets you the most time and attention with me! Lifetime premium includes - unlimited access to view all of my XXX story post, chat with me one on one, a cock rating (1-10) and get a personal naughty snapchat video of me saying/doing anything you want!! As well as, priority response over all lower levels, personal request for premium shows! Lifetime access to Snapchat & All Porn Movies also gets you 50% off all Fan raffle tickets for life!

Lifetime Access To My Premium Account - $500

Lifetime Access To ALL of My XXX Adult Movies - $500

Lifetime Access To Both Premium & My ALL Of My Movies - $750 (Save $250)

Lifetime Can Only Be Purchased Through Google Wallet / G-Pay at

Send a screenshot of your purchase to with your snapchat username and/or email address to be added!

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